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  • What I have to do in case I have damaged KAHRAMAA properties?

    Please call immediately KAHRAMAA call centre on 991 & inform about that immediately

  • What are the main causes of electricity interruptions in my premises?

    It could be a result of:
    •   Overloads without KAHRAMAA approval
    • Overloads to the main network
    •  Incorrect connections
    • Maintenance of electricity network or substations
    • New customer connection
  • What are the main causes of water interruptions in my premises?

         It could be a result of:
    • Unavailability of water tank meets residents need
    • Unavailability of ground and roof tanks
    • Maintenance of water distribution and transmission network
    •  New customer connection
  • What I have to do in case of power/water interruption?

    Please contact KAHRAMAA call centre on 991 & be sure that you have electricity/water number with you

  • In the case If found that the meter is faulty (not working), what should I do?

    You can visit any branch of KM to open a complaint to test the meter, and KM will do the necessary action within days and KM’s representative will give you a follow-up complaint number

  • What are the documents required for electricity & water Building Permit?

    • Documents required are:-
    • Complete the Relevant Forms
    • Copy of Owner QID
    • Copy Of Kahramaa Approved Drawings​
    • Undertaking letter from the consultant & owner

  • What are the documents required for electricity & water connection?

    Documents required are:-
    Complete the Relevant Forms
    Copy of Owner QID
    Copy Of Kahramaa Approved Drawings
    Copy of Kahramaa Building Permits
    “Completion Certificates” issued by the concern Municipality ( to Pay Connection Fees)
  • What are the documents required for electricity & water Meter?​

    After paying the connections fees no documents are required

  • What are the documents required for renting house/apartment?

    Documents required are:-
    1. Service application
    2. Copy of tenant QID
    3. Copy of owner QID
    4. Copy of Rental Contract with the Owner
  • How can I close the account and issuance of the clearance certificate?

    1. The customer should forward the original deposit receipt to the Main customer service office.
    2. The supply of electricity and water is to be disconnected
    3.  By main office and final readings of meters are to be taken to make the account closing report.
    4. The customer should pay the final dues as per the last readings. The dues may be deducted from the value at the request of the customer, otherwise he/she will pay the dues then reimbursement of the deposit value can be arranged.
    Accordingly a clearance certificate will be issued for his closed account.

  • Who are the BULK CUSTOMERS?

     Any Customer with actual or forecasted Maximum Demand exceeds 5 MW of Power and / or 25 M3/hour of Water
  • If I am a Bulk Customer, How can I approach Kahramaa?

    Through KAHRAMAA website under “Customers/Service Application and Forms” download the “Bulk Application Form” as per the nature of the project (Industrial or Non Industrial),  fill the Form in complete and submit along with attachments to Bulk Customer Section at Customer Services Dept. D-Ring Road, Hilal

  • If I am a Bulk Customer, how early should I apply to Kahramaa?

    Preferably Bulk Customer should approach to Bulk Customer Section and submit Bulk Application Form at least 3 years before requested First Supply Date

  • How can I submit suggestions?

     You can submit that through:
    Then it will be forwarded to the concerned Department & it will be processed accordingly and you will be notified by your registered contacts

  • How can I submit complaints /comments?

    Through KAHRAMAA web site ”view & pay bill” or via iPhone application.
  • What are the available methods for paying my consumption bills?

     You can pay through:-
    1. IVR by calling 991
    2. KAHRAMAA website
    3. Ooredoo & QNB self service machines
    4. Local Banks
    5. E-government
    6. iPhone application
  • Can I pay outside the QATAR by telephone?

    Yes, by calling call centre from outside Qatar on:
     +974 44494000
  • Does KAHRAMAA e-pay allow partial payment of the Outstanding Bill Amount?

    No, partial payment is not supported through Online Payment

  • How much does KAHRAMAA charge extra from customer s for Online Payment?

    You will be charged 0% of the Outstanding KAHRAMAA bill Amount

  • I am proceeding on leave and my next bill will arrive when I will be on leave? What should I do to avoid disconnection?

    You can pay the amount of bill as per your consumption in advance before proceeding on vacation or else you can view and pay your bills online before due date from anywhere in the world

  • What is the Green Bill and how can I receive it?

    Green bill is an electronic version of your paper bill. You will receive an email in your registered email KAHRAMAA each month as soon as your latest bill is ready. The Green Bill offers you the convenience of viewing and paying your KAHRAMAA bill directly from your registered email – Simply and securely, whenever and wherever you wish

  • How Can I restore disconnected services due to nonpayment of bills and what are the documents needed?

     To restore service if disconnected due to nonpayment of bills:-
    • Go to your nearest KAHRAMAA customer service center
    • Fill in the application form for service re-connection
    • Pay the outstanding bills and the reconnection fees as per the last reading in the bill by cash or credit card
    • After approval an electrician with go for service connection
    Documents needed for a Residential Property:-
    • Copy of QID
    • Electricity No

    Documents needed for a Commercial / Industrial Property:-

    • Est. ID copy
    • Electricity No
    Authorized person and official stamp should sign the form
  • Sometimes, we receive inaccurate bills?

    The percentage of inaccurate bills is trivial compared with the great number of bills KAHRAMAA issues monthly. In such a case, contact the customer services department for reviewing.

  • If you receive an invoice with high consumption and suspicion about the accuracy of meter reading, what should I do?

    You can visit any branch of KM and open a complaint type “high consumption”. KM will remove the meter and check the accuracy of the meter in the laboratory and KM’s representative will give you a follow-up complaint number

  • How can I reduce the cost of my electricity bill?

    • Adjust the air conditioner thermostat to 22°C.
    • Switch off the AC in unoccupied rooms
    • Select the air conditioning unit on the basis of its Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER).. Generally, an EER of 12 or more is excellent, 10 or 11 is good
    • Check the air conditioner filter once a month and clean or replace them as needed.
    • Building thermal insulation reduces electrical energy consumption up to 40% during the cooling process
    • Use day light as much as possible to light your house and office
    • Use florescent and other energy saving lamps as they use less electricity
    • Don't use the water heater in the summer
  • How can I report a violation of electricity or water waste?

    Tips to reduce the Water Bills:
    1. Don’t let your children play with taps and hoses
    2. Don’t let the water run when you brush your teeth or when washing your hands and face because most of it will be wasted.
    3. Instead of washing dishes under a running tap, just fill the kitchen sink
    4. Check all your pipes for leaks. Even a small leak wastes large quantities of water. Have it fixed.
    5. Don’t use a hose to wash the car. A bucket of water is quite adequate.
    6. Collect the water you use for rinsing fruits and vegetables, and then reuse it for irrigation.
    7. Don’t use toilet as ashtray or waste basket. Every time to flush a cigarette butt, facial tissue or other small items five to seven gallons of water is wasted.
    8. Automatic dishwashers and clothes washers should be fully loaded for optimum water conservation
  • Establishing a new house or building, where to seek specialized conservation technical advice?

    1.  Check KAHRAMAA Best Practices for Electricity & Water Conservation on: FINAL.pdf
    2. You can phone 991  KAHRAMAA call Center
    3. Send e-mail to CN Department:
    4. Tweet us on: @TarsheedQatar
    5. Visit KAHRAMAA office at Building Permits Complex
  • How can I register on KAHRAMAA customer portal?

    Through KAHRAMAA website
  • Can I update my KAHRAMAA Online Account details (mobile no., e-mail, P.O Box, others)?

    Yes, you can update these details through KAHRAMAA website ”update your information”.

  • I moved to a new residence and I cannot access my KAHRAMAA Online Account?

    Your registered account which belongs to your previous residence has been disabled. You have to Re-register through KAHRAMAA web site ”get an account”.

  • How can I change my account password?

    Login to the eService you are enrolled for and from the main menu, click “Change Password” then update your password.
  • What rules do I have to follow while filling in the online Application?

    1. Required fields must be filled in (required fields are either in red or marked with an asterisk *).
    2.  Enter only numeric values in numeric fields (e.g. P.O.Box)
    3. Enter only characters in some fields such as NAME.
  • How can I get a location certificate?

    Through KAHRAMAA website ”certificate” and follow the steps.
  • How do I track the following services:-

    You can track your service through KAHRAMAA website ”service tracking” or via iPhone application.

  • How can I register in SMS service?

     You can register through KM Website as follow:
    1.      Click on “SMS Service”
    2.      Add your QID No and your customer No
    3.      Enter your mobile No
    4.      Click Submit
    You will receive a monthly notification  once the bill is issued and submitted to Post Office
  • What happens to my job application after I successfully submit it?

     The job application will go to the concerned Department, the application will be processed accordingly and you will be notified by your registered contacts.
  • Is the online job application eService free of charge?

    Yes, the online job application eService is provided free of charge

Call Center 991

​Our KAHRAMAA call center is available to assist you with general information concerning your bill payments, new and current connections. It is a 24 hours electricity and water emergency and response center; you can report your problem or concern and follow up the progress of the response.
The 991 call center uses an auto-response system to help you minimize queuing time on the phone and speak to a call center agent. You must have your electricity and water number ready to use this service.

Call 991, KHARAMAA's 24/7 Electricity and Water Emergency and Incident help line; the Call Center opens 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

مركز الاتصال 991

​يعمل مركز اتصالات كهرماء لتزويدك بمعلومات عامة تتعلق بدفع فواتيرك، والتوصيلات الجديدة والحالية، ويعمل المركز على مدار الساعة للاستجابة لطوارئ الكهرباء والمياه. يمكنك الإبلاغ عن أي مشكلة أو عارض و تتبع إجراءات الاستجابة.
يطبق  مركز الاتصال 991 نظام نظام الرد التفاعلي (IVR)، ليساعدك على تقليل وقت الإنتظار على الهاتف والتحدث مع مشغل البدالة. ويجب أن يكون رقم الكهرباء والمياه في المتناول ليمكنك استخدامه أثناء الاتصال. ويعمل موظفو خدمات المشتركين في خدمتكم خلال ساعات الدوام من السبت إلى الخميس من كل أسبوع.
إتصل بـ 991، مركز الإتصال لطوارئ الكهرباء والمياه الذي يعمل 24 ساعة/ 7 أيام، على مدار الأسبوع.


خدمة "الوتس اب " 30303991

أطلقت كهرماء خدمتها الجديدة والمميزة على برنامج التواصل الاجتماعي " الوتس اب" على الرقم "30303991" لتعزيز جسور التواصل بينها وبين مشتركيها، بحيث يستفاد عبر هذه الخدمة من مزايا السرعة في ارسال الملاحظات والإجراء . فقد طبقت هذه الخدمة لتساعدك في الإبلاغ عن أي مشكلة أو عارض والتقاط الصور للمشكلة وارسالها بشكل سريع.